How to Buy

Our shochu bottles are available at the production site in Haleiwa.  Please check the availability below and visit our PickUp Shed when it is open. You can check the open hours: PickUp Shed Hours. We hope you don't mind coming all the way to the North Shore to pick up your bottle(s). We can accept both cash and credit cards.  For pre-orders or any questions, please feel free to contact us by email to  

NamiHana #22

Big Island Blend

$43.75 + TAX

750 ml at 30% alc/vol

This is our 22nd batch of NamiHana since we started making shochu in Haleiwa in 2013. NamiHana is our signature bottle and brand. It is an authentic and classic shochu meticulously hand-crafted and bottled in Haleiwa.  We apply Kagoshima’s traditional shochu making techniques I (Ken HIRATA) learned from my master Manzen.  We used the sweet potatoes from the Big Island for this batch. 



BANZAI Strength

Hawaiian Citurs

$46.75 + TAX

375 ml (half size bottle) 

42.6% alc/vol

BANZAI Strength is our limited production.  Each BANZAI Strength has different and unique specs, ingredients and styles.

BANZAI Strength Hawaiian Citrus is an whiskey style shochu. First, we made a higher proof sweet potato shochu. Second, it was aged in mizunara (Japanese oak from Hokkaido) barrel.  Third, we infused Hawaii grown citrus fruits-orange, lime, calamansi, etc.- and vanilla beans into the barrel aged shochu. 

BANZAI Strength Hawaiian Citrus features the sweet aroma from Hawaii grown vanilla beans and pleasant bitterness of citrus fruits. 

Haleiwa Rainbow 

Shochu Gin 

$68.00 + TAX 

750 ml at 40% alc/vol

Haleiwa Rainbow is also our limited release. It is gin made from our NamiHana shochu with Hawaii grown botanicals. Several different colors of botanicals from Hawaii are used for Haleiwa Rainbow.   The price of Haleiwa Rainbow is premium. In order to make one bottle of Haleiwa Rainbow, we need approximately 1.7 bottles of NamiHana. The botanicals for this new batch of Haleiwa Rainbow includes jabon (pomelo), dried hibiscus flower, ogo limu from Kauai, fresh mango from Waialua, ti leaf from Haleiwa, and more. 

This batch of Haleiwa Rainbow is not as citric as the previous batch because the new batch of BANZAI Strength has citrus taste. 


NamiHana #21 

$43.75 +TAX

750 ml at 30% alc/vol

NamiHana is our original authentic sweet potato SHOCHU made from Hawaii grown sweet potatoes.  Thanks so much for your big support. NamiHana #21 is now all sold out.  It was a blend of sweet potatoes from Maui and the Big Island.  

$28.00 + TAX

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

$28.00 + TAX

Sizes: M, XL, XXL